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Princess Allura
Player: LoneWolfPrincess
Canon: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Canon Point: End of Season Two
Alignment: Peromei
Date of Entry: 03/06/2017

Age: 10,000+ years (Young adult, with a VERY long statis sleep)
Birthday: (Stares hopefully at Voltron Twitter)
Eye Color: Crystal blue with purple pupils
Hair Color: White
Height: An inch or two shorter than Keith, let's say about 5'7"/170 cm
Amulet: A pendant of rough, enhydro quartz.
Appearance: Xena, eat your heart out.
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Princess Allura

Height; One or two inches shorter than Keith; I'm guessing about 5'7"/170 cm.
Weight; Medium build
Visual; It's obvious at first glance that Allura's not human: the pointy ears, the light pink markings framing the corners of her bright blue eyes, and the purple pupils all mark her as an Altean, an alien race that might be mistaken for other worlds' elves or the equivalent. Her skin is a medium brown, and when not in a bun her thick, moon white hair falls down to her hips in waves. She's tall-ish with an hourglass figure, but one that hides lean, agile muscles.

Fashion; She tends to favor white and more subdued pastels, with flowing and streamlined designs that cover her body. Mobility in an emergency is a must. Usagi and Minako helped expand Allura's Verens wardrobe to add some jewel tones to her palette and show a bit more of her arms and legs without sacrificing modesty. A multi-pouch leather belt has become a staple, though, perfect for holding a collapsible quarterstaff or for letting her mice ride along in their special pouch. She still doesn't take off her circlet, but thanks to crystal telepathy she can afford to switch up her earring choices. (Although HOW she wears regular earrings considering her usual pair is all floaty is a mystery, let's just cite the MST3K rule.) Examples can be found here.

Demeanour; how do they carry themselves? what's their posture? do they have any particular physical tics? how do they walk and stand? this is for anything that would fit under 'how [character] moves'!

Aural; Allura is voiced by Kimberly Brooks; a sample of her voice can be found here. Her speech is formal and diplomatic when addressing a crowd, and only a bit less so when addressing someone new. Once she feels comfortable enough around you, though, she'll start speaking more casually but still grammatically correct. In a combat situation, her voice is clear, quick, and as specific as possible about giving status reports and orders.

Olfactory; Who knows what Altean beauty products smell like. Here in Empatheias, though, she probably tends to light floral or fruit scents.

Etc; anything else! links to vids and gifs, or general miscellanea. Anything magically or psychically noteworthy could be put here if you like!

IC Contact

Feb. 14th, 2017 10:41 am
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10/02 | Yang
Yang Why?! (Anger, Trust, Love)

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Pancakes and politics. (Grief, Joy, Trust, Love, Despair, Hope, Envy, Appreciation)

10/05 | Leia
Why does space princess-ing have to be so hard? (Calm, Anger, Grief, Distrust, Trust, Despair, Hope)

10/05 | Show White
Birthdays and weapons training. (Calm, Joy, Hope)

09/08 | Zephyr Taiyoh
Those darned yarn spiders. (Anger, Calm)

09/09 | Bridge Nocturne
In which Allura meets a "human" with nice-looking ears. (Calm, Joy, Hope)

09/10 | Steven U. and Luigi
It's this terribly modern operetta about a lady astronomer who make a Universe shaking discovery. (Calm, Grief)

09/11 | Yang
Yang, why you do this? (Anger)

09/11 | Weiss
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Crystal Totals
(+): Ai: 2, Da: 5, El: 6, Pe: 4, Pi: 6, So: 15, Th: 13
(-): Ai: 15, Da: 4, El: 21, Pe: 3, Pi: 1, So: 4, Th: 2

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Kings and Queens | 30 Seconds to Mars
Right Hand Man | Christopher Jackson, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom, Jr. & Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton
The Crow & the Butterfly | Shinedown
Endless Night | Jason Raize & The Lion King Ensemble
I'll Make a Man Out of You | Donny Osmond & Chorus
Fight Song | Rachel Platten
Roar | Katy Perry
How Far We've Come | Matchbox 20
Once Upon a December | Liz Callaway
You Gotta Be | Des'ree
Towards the Sun | Rihanna
Wait For It | Leslie Odom, Jr. & Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton
History Has Its Eyes On You | Christopher Jackson, Lin-Manuel Miranda & Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton
Hands | Jewel
Wake Me Up When September Ends | Green Day
Wake Me Up | Aloe Blacc
When You Believe | Michelle Pfeiffer & Sally Dworsky
Radioactive | Imagine Dragons
Shadowland | Heather Headley, Tsidii Le Loka & The Lion King Ensemble
Unity | Shinedown

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Player: LoneWolfPrincess
Contact: Journal PM/[plurk.com profile] LoneWolfPrincess
Age: 26
Current Characters: N/A


Character: Princess Allura
Age: Chronogically 10,000+ years old (thank you, stasis sleep); biologically a young Altean adult
Canon: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Canon Point: End of Season Two, Episode 13

Voltron Wiki Entry

While Shiro is the leader of the Paladins, Princess Allura serves as a commander and guide for Team Voltron. As the daughter of King Alfor, the man who created Voltron, Allura feels Voltron's duty as "defender of the innocent" as both her father's legacy and a personal responsibility. She has always been a brave and determined soul, begging King Alfor to fight Zarkon even as he surrendered and hid her and the Lions away, and near immediately resolving to bring down the Galra Empire after learning of the destruction of her father, her home, and her entire civilization. She is nearly implacable when she feels the right thing needs to be done or when lives are on the line, and will urge others around her to hold on to hope and keep trying until they reach victory. Allura's lost more than enough to Emperor Zarkon, and she'll do everything can to make sure others never have to know that feeling.

Off the battlefield, Allura is calm, polite, and always willing to offer kindness. She treats Klaizap, the bravest of Arus's warriors (even though only knee-high to her, outnumbered, and VERY under-armed) with courteous respect and patience, and insists that the team divert course in order to answer a distress beacon. With the Paladins, she's an encouraging but serious teacher and leader as they master their lions and begin engaging the Galra empire. Although at first balancing these traits was a challenge; her driven nature, a strict teaching style, a grueling training regiment (especially by human standards), and a need to have the Paladins combat ready as soon as possible led to a day of her acting like a particularly forceful drill sergeant. Fortunately, food fights are magical.

In battle, she can quickly assess the situation and start issuing commands. And whether it's going down to a planet's surface to evacuate its natives, revitalizing said planet at the potential cost of her own life, or insisting she infiltrate a Galra ship despite others' protests, Allura's never been afraid to throw herself into a fray. She also won't hesitate to take on Robeasts or Galra battle ships with the Castle of Lions' hundreds of lasers. (Or use them on the paladins, see "drill sergeant phase." Won't happen again. Probably.)

That's not to say she's all business, however. In the very few breaks between saving the universe, she's revealed a relaxed, even friendly and playful manner, usually with the aid of the mice. She eagerly engages in gossip with the mice at a victory party, and whenever the paladins and Coran can't take her along for a minor mission, she can be found racing her hover chair like a bumper car through the castle halls or letting the mice style her hair. It's rare that she allows this side to show around the paladins and Coran- given the near constant nature of their mission and her status as their commander- but it's been known to happen on occasion. She's allowed and even participated in a food fight in order to let the paladins bond and practice teamwork, approached and tried to gain Pidge's friendly confidence in order to make the Green Paladin admit to a particularly juicy secret, and even tried to charm Coran into taking her to a space pirate market by saying she "wanted to buy something sparkly."

And even if she can't always afford to show it on a more affectionate level, Allura deeply cares about Coran and the Paladins and would do anything for their sake. An AI created from King Alfor's memories had been a source of comfort and wisdom for her since waking up and starting their mission, but when the AI becomes corrupted and is about to send the Castle and all its inhabitants into a sun, despite crying and grieving losing him a second time, she only pauses to give her father one last hug goodbye before destroying his memories to keep everyone safe.

Despite her many virtues, Allura is not without flaws. She can be stubborn about making sure a goal is achieved, especially if the lives of others are at stake. This can lead her to expend her energies towards her mission to the point of fatigue or even facing the possibility of self-sacrifice, such as offering her physical energy to revive the dying planet-being of Balmera, or to power a massive wormhole generator. In addition, the loss of her people left her with a strong hatred for the Galra and a blanket belief the whole race is untrustworthy, even though this clashed with her own self-stated belief that Voltron is the defender of all the innocent. This leads her to coldly dismissing a Galra rebel sacrificing his life to save the Team from a Robeast, nearly rejecting vital help from the Blade of Marmora resistance cell, and treating Keith with disdain when it's revealed he has Galra ancestry. It's not until Keith volunteers for a mission which may result in his death- yet another potential loss after facing so many- that she realizes how much he means to her as both a paladin and a companion. She apologizes, figuratively and literally embraces him, and asks him to come back alive before he departs. After this, she also becomes much more appreciative of her Galra allies, treating them with respect and willingly fighting alongside them during the assault on Zarkon's battleship.

All in all, Allura's heart is dedicated to doing what's right and protecting and helping those around her. She, Coran, and the Paladins of Voltron have a long road to freeing the universe, but there's no doubt she'll put her all into every step.

As the heir to the Altean throne, Allura is well trained in a number of skills, which have been further honed during her time alongside Team Voltron: diplomacy, etiquette, armed and unarmed melee combat, firearms training (even if she sometimes holds unfamiliar weapons backwards), and military strategy. She's also the pilot of the Castle of Lions, and extremely skilled at operating its navigation, weapon, shield, and wormhole generation systems.

Her Altean biology also lends her several superhuman abilities, such as superior physical strength (enough to ram an enemy combatant hard enough to embed his helmet in a metal wall) and minor shape shifting. Allura has been seen able to increase her height and change the color of her skin to infiltrate a Galra ship as a guard. She cannot change more defining features, though, such as her facial/body structure, hair, eyes, or voice, and needed a helmet to disguise the upper half of her face for the infiltration. Given her skin can only be one color at a time, she can also not turn invisible or camouflage herself this way. Per the game's rules, Allura would not be able to increase her height beyond the cap of eight feet tall.

Allura is an empathic person by nature. Along with her link to the space mice, Allura's energies are also linked to the lions of Voltron. This allows her to locate them using the Castle's navigation systems after they'd been hidden for 10,000 years, match them perfectly with new paladins after only knowing the humans a short time, and to receive a beacon from the Green Lion while trapped in an unstable wormhole. She's also able to communicate with and through the living planet of Balmera, asking the Balmera to provide energy-supplying crystals, assure and give hope of escape to all the Balmerans at one, and to perform a revitalization ceremony. At the cost of her own energy, performing the ceremony was able to help restore the Balmera's life force from the brink of death to flourishing on a global scale, allowing it to spread new vegetation and grow new crystals. (Obviously she'll have to settle for amulet telepathy and healing this world through emotion drops while in game, though.)

Shortly before arriving, Allura also learned she can control Quintessence, a powerful form of life energy present in all things. In her battle with Haggar, Allura was able to withstand multiple Quintessence blasts from the witch until Allura manifested a protective pink aura, after which she was able to resist and push back Haggar's attacks, as well as counterattacking with wild strikes in the form of pink lightning. However, this is a very new, untrained ability with a lot unknown about it from both Allura's and the audience's perspectives. It will likely not be used until Allura has a canon update with access to more knowledge/experience, and may be capped or changed into an innate talent for Dunamis at the mods' discretion.

Peromei. One princess believing she, her advisor, and five strange humans can master the universe's greatest weapon and take on the single most powerful empire in the universe AFTER learning said empire literally wiped her home off the face of the map? It might be bravery that keeps her going, but it's hope that brings her back to her feet to begin with.

Along with her jumpsuit, circlet, and earrings (which serve as a communication device on the same frequency as the paladins’ helmets), Allura will also be arriving with her four Altean mice: Platt, Chuchule, Chulatt, and Plachu (currently unknown which is which). These mice were sealed in Allura’s sleep chamber with her, and as a result they’ve developed a telepathic link with the princess. They’re also intelligent, able to have full conversations with Allura via a combination of thought and pantomime, follow her instructions to help save the Castle of Lions from being hijacked, gather intelligence read: gossip and report it to Allura, and choreograph trick routines on their own. Aside from these traits however, they’re more or less normal multicolored space rodents with mischievous streaks and a collective devotion to the princess and her happiness.


General Sample:
February Test Drive

Emotion Sample:
Allura's bright spots in the universe.
Her Highness's fall from grace.

Questions: No thank you!


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